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Drywall Repairs

Expert Drywall Repair

Drywall repair is one of our top specialties. Paired with our expert paint jobs, we provide a full package of repair and paint work that will leave your home or office feeling and looking like new. If there are holes, nicks or major problems with your drywall, our professionals can have them fixed in no time.

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Drywall Repairs

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Eye for Details

While in your home or building, we look notify you and repair all problem areas to improve the overall look and feel.

Post Work Guarantee

Our work is professionally completed and guaranteed; we invite all clients to contact us with concerns once the job is completed.

Customer Service

We are here to make sure your painting needs are met; we communicate throughout the project and offer the highest quality service.

Dedicated Availability

We value our Charleston community and will work on your schedule to complete each and every job.

Let's Create a Long-Lasting Makeover

Contact K.C. Painting for your home or business painting and repair needs. We are ready to take on your painting challenges.

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